Pinestone Finance & Investment Group June Update

(PRE) I talked with Yusuke about the business prospects for PRE.  We have come to the conclusion that the head office of PRE is set to be in my condo.  With SUUMO, or a portal site, our own website, and our partners’ cooperation, we will secure monthly gross profits of one million yen.  Our consensus is that I will take the initiative with help of Mr. Kotani, so that we will get permission to start real estate business in August.  Yusuke has encouraged me to be a real estate broker in a few years.       (P Realty) I have decided to hire another employee.  As I mentioned earlier, I expect asset inflation to take place in 10 years in the Philippines, which will enable me to secure substantial profits in property investment there.  the monthly rent for each unit will be raised by 1000 to Php 6000 per month from January.

Kazuhide Matsuishi

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