Pinestone Investments July Update

We have come to the conclusion that we won’t borrow any money from a lender.  We are certain that we can secure enough income to leave 5 condos to my brother while we help my nephew go to school financially.  Our conclusion is that we can leave 5 condos in Fukuoka City and some cash even if the amount of inheritance tax is risen to some extent in the future by paying inheritance tax with money obtained through selling another condo in Kawasaki City and some cash from Philippines.  We will sell property in Davao and Koronadal within 8-10 years and transfer the money got for selling property in the two cities after we pay some to our business partner in accordance with the memorandum from my bank account in Koronadal to the one in Tokyo.  We are not rich but we are certain I can live comfortably, working for Pinestone with stable income from PI and PR.  We don’t have to take risk as long as we live a simple life.  Providence is better than rent.

Kazuhide Matsuishi

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