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Now I am thinking of possessing 2000sqm lot in Brgy, Balabag, Sta, Barbara, Iloilo City, Philippines through my agent.   We will assess the potential of the land by studying a report of asset valuation

for past 5 years and a projected one for the next 5 years.  According to Lady Amy, who worked as a property researcher in a U.S. real estate company in Iloilo city, these information can be gathered

from local municipalities.  We will evaluate the potential of land from the middle and long term perspectives with the method Lady Amy uses when she evaluates property.

Queen Che is kind enough to visit the location of the land early April so that she will assess the potential of land.  Lady Amy will guide Queen Che to the location of the land.

Queen Che recommends I fly to Iloilo to check the land by myself if my judgement concerning the potential of land is positive after the assessment of the land.

I will fly to Iloilo City in May or June to make the final judgement by checking the land and the environments surrounding the land if we judge possibilities are high that the price of the land will nearly double

in 5 years.

The land is covered with mango trees.

Kazuhide Matsuishi

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