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Pinestone Investments

Pinestone Finance Investment Group

We are small companies.  I am President of this group.  The first priority of our group is to secure stable life of staff and employees of our companies.  We have to work and make profits

so that we will secure our stable life.

(Pinestone Investments)  PI has stable income from rent from property in Fukuoka City though my monthly income has fallen about 20% this year compared to that of last year because of the selling of one condo in January.

This year, I paid my income tax worth of one fourth of total amount compared to that of last year due to losses incurred by Pinestone Realty and the special deduction resulted from the start of whole business operations

of Pinestone Apartments owned by PR in Koronadal.  Now PR owns the other property in Davao.  I am an investor.  I am not so much interested in ROI or ROE.  The price of the land in Davao is increasing.

PI has owned 10000 shares of

Nippon Yusen (9101).  I expect 10-20% further correction of the stock market in both the U.S. and Japan.  I will wait for the market price of Nippon Yusen to rise in 5 years.  I can wait because I and our group companies have

no liabilities.  I dared to hire Lady Amy as my secretary, a Filipina living in Iloilo so that we will accelerate integration of PI, PR and PNS.  Her ability to use English is high though she has no knowledge of Japanese.

Relating to tax affairs, I have already hired Koichi Ito, pro-Filipino tax accountant.  He also understands the importance of charity to some extent.  Because of valuable advice and suggestions of Koichi,

my individual residential tax and expenses for National Health Insurance will be much lower this year compared to last year.  So far, I don’t think about my successor though I may take presence of my brother

into consideration.  I will give some assets to my staff of PI, PR and PNS respectively if our investments and business operations are successful in total finally.  I will have to write notarized will again so that

no trouble will occur when my assets are transferred to each staff of PF&IG and my brother.

(Pinestone Realty) PR has operated Pinestone Apartments in Koronadal and owns a block of land in Davao.  I am thinking of purchasing the large lot in Iloilo so that I will be able to avoid selling P Apartments.

I will avoid selling P Apartments if the price of the lot in Iloilo, which is very cheep, will rise to the point where I will be able to make enough profits nearly equal to those earned by selling P Apartments.

One reason I hired Lady Amy is that I hope her experience as property researcher will meet my expectations.

(Pinestone Network Solutions) PNS has a call center in General Santos and Davao office where about 10 game developers and IT engineers work.

President Marx Custorio has proposed ‘Online Room’ with the collaboration between PI and PNS in Japan.  I think it is difficult to earn profits through ‘Online Room.’

Anyway, further study of the feasibility of ‘Online Room’ is necessary.


PF&IG is a small group.  I hope PF&IG will grow up to be a global one ,not local one.  It is alright that PF&IG remains a small group but I want PF&IG to contribute to happy life of many people with high ability to use

English.  In this perspective, I am considering investing a small amount of money in Mombasa, Kenya if the problem of high cost of transferring money from Tokyo to Mombasa is solved.

I am a small investor and I am not rich.  But I want to contribute to better life of people with high ability to use English.  For me, thinking in English is the blessing.  God bless us.


Kazuhide Matsuishi

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