Pinestone Realty UPDATE


Pinestone Realty


Originally, the concept of the establishment of Pinestone Realty was the combination of charity and investment.  So far, the operation of Pinestone Apartments in Koronadal is satisfactory.

One of major goals of PF&IG is to secure stable life of its staff in Mindanao.  So, relating to the selling of Pinestone Apartments,  we will have to wait for the consensus of  related staff to emerge.

I will own property in Koronadal for 5-6 years fundamentally even if we decide to sell Pinestone Apartments.  Engineer. Dino says the price of property in Koronadal is rising.  He adds that prices in property around Pinestone

Apartments will rise steadily in five years because the operation of the new terminal is scheduled to start this April and many establishments will have been constructed in another five years.  We will start to discuss the acquisition

of the other block of land and construction of the new apartment building on it while we will also discuss the possibility of keeping Pinestone Apartments for a long time.

Relating to the selling of property in Davao, we have a plan to transact the property to the new purchaser in several years after selling it to the new buyer.

Kazuhide Matsuishi

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